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Chiropractic Does Affect Brain Function

We do know that spinal function does affect brain function. A recent study, published in the Journal of Neural Plasticity provides solid evidence that adjusting the spine changes brain function. This is the fourth time that the effect of adjusting the spine has on the brain has been studied. This study indicates that adjustments impact [...]

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Top Benefits Of Seeing A Chiropractor

One of the most sought after forms of alternative healing is Chiropractic care. Amongst cancer survivors who seek chiropractic therapy, 84% do so to alleviate pain, improve mood and sleeping habits, as well as to relieve stress. The purpose of Chiropractic treatment is not only to relieve pain, but to improve quality of life by alleviating [...]

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Our Gift To You.

 Our Gift To You - An Initial Visit For $5! Thank you for making our open house a success!  We had a blast and trust that you did too. If you have never been a patient in our office and want to experience what everyone else is raving about than now is the perfect time. From now through July [...]

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How Effective Is Chiropractic Care For The Treatment Of Headaches?

Very! Research has shown that the Chiropractic care is incredibly effective in treating headaches that are caused by neck problems. In 2014, the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT) stated that chiropractic treatment often results in marked improvement in patients with chronic neck pain and headaches originating from neck problems. Some headaches are caused [...]

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Doing these 4 things dramatically reduce your risk of cancer

Health-E-News June 2016 empowering you to optimal health Chiropractic helps relieve pain of 30 year old pregnant nurse with a baby in a malposition If you would wish the constant pains with pregnancy would go away, or know of someone who does, Chiropractic is definitely something to consider. Pregnancy can cause a lot of stress [...]

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