What to expect at your first appointment?

At your first appointment you will have x-rays, scans and your first consultation. This appointment will take about an hour to complete. You will check in on the iPad at our front desk.  The chiropractic assistant will ask for your insurance card and have you sign our HIPPA compliance form.  Once you have completed that, our chiropractic assistant will take you back to the exam room, and have thermal scan and a surface EMG scan. The thermal scan measures heat on each side of your spine. When subluxations are present, there can be a change in temperature from one side to the other (asymmetry), due to changes in blood supply.  The surface EMG symmetry scan in addition to the amount surface electricity shown by the reading above, the symmetry of one side compared to the other is also important. A variation from one side to the other is a clear indication that subluxations are having an effect on your muscular system. Normal levels and symmetry are the goals for this reading.

Next, she will take you into the x-ray room to complete x-rays.  Next, Dr. Christine Gordon will come in and do a consultation and full examination.  You’ll then come back out to schedule your next appointment.

What to expect at your second appointment?

We call this appointment the Report Of Findings. This appointment will be about 45minutes to an hour. Once you come in the office, you will sign in on our iPad and check in Dr. Christine will then bring you back into her office and she will go over the scans and x-rays with you and give you a detailed explanation of what she has found and a care plan.

Next, our chiropractic assistant will come in and go over your insurance coverage and answer any insurance questions that you may have.  Our chiropractic assistant will then have you lay on our traction table for 10 minutes before receiving your first adjustment.  The traction table will massage the muscles along the spine to help bring nutrients to the spine.  When the timer goes off, Dr Christine will take you through and discuss within your first adjustment!

Before you leave you will stop at the front desk to get all scheduled up and that’s it!

How Long Will You Continue Care?

Many patients are under the false impression that if they go to a Chiropractor once, they must continue forever to continue feeling relief. This myth is commonly believed because those who experience chiropractic care feel so good that they want to stay that way and continue seeing their Chiropractor.

It’s Dr. Christine’s goal that you’ll get to a point where you only need to come monthly. We recommend maintenance treatments once a month or every couple of months to keep your mind and body in tune.

Download the Adult Initial Paperwork
Download the Pediatric Initial Paperwork